Tấm pin Canadian Dymond – Tấm pin mặt trời Canadian Dymond

You have to break a lot of ground to find a diamond. Canadian Solar’s new Dymond panel is no exception. Also known as the double-glass module, this innovative product uses heat-strengthened glass instead of the traditional polymer backsheet, and it has no metal frame so it requires no grounding. This eliminates the cause of Potential Induced Degradation (PID) and the panel can withstand high humidity, high temperatures, sandstorms, ultraviolet and corrosion, all of which translates to a product as hardy and brilliant as the stone it’s named for.

Power: 315/340 W
Size: 992 * 1968 * 5.8 mm
Weight: 27.5 kg

Product Features

Tấm pin Canadian Dymond

Robust module construction for 1500 V

Enhanced system reliability due to special cell-level stress release technology, 1500 V junction box and especially robust frame design:2.5 mm heat-strengthened front glass
2.5 mm heat-strengthened back glass
1500 V rated junction box

Sea/waterside PV system installationSea/waterside PV system installation

No moisture permeability through backsheet
No salt-mist corrosion

High resistance to extreme weatherHigh resistance to extreme weather

High resistance to moisture, sandstorms & UV

Lower annual power degradationLower annual power degradation

First year annual degradation 2.5%, each subsequent year 0.5%
85.5% power output at year 25
83% power output at year 30

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